Ticket Creation Views that Match Custom Ticket Views


We have multiple teams tracking tickets in ServiceHub, all for very different reasons. It would be great to have ticket creation views that mimic the custom ticket views.


When creating tickets 'internally' (from the "Create Ticket" button on the Tickets window) all teams see every field  including custom, team specific, required fields and therefore the view is useless without removing the required field option, which defeats the purpose of a required field. Additonally users have to scroll through a plethora of fields that are totally unrelated to their team creating time wasting screen pollution. 


In the ticket grid or list view, the "Create Ticket" button should look at the team view and open a ticket that is a duplicate of the team view for that specific team. 


The settings are misleading as it notes: Set the properties your team sees when creating tickets. But the explanation notes: Choose the properties that will be displayed when any user in your CRM creates a ticket, and which of those properties are required in order to create a ticket. However, this is for all users in Hubspot, and there is actually no ability to customize the properties team members see when creating tickets based on the team view.