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Ticket Board View: Choose which Properties are in Quick View

Would love to be able to customize the ticket board view. It would be helpful to choose properties to have in quick view versus clicking into.

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February 13, 2023 02:29 PM

Hello Community Members,


My apologies, I missed updating this post. I'm happy to share that we delivered on this idea last fall. 

Here's a link to the Knowledge Base article with more details.


As always, thank you for sharing your ideas and helping to make HubSpot better for all!

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July 29, 2022 02:11 PM

Hello community members! 

I'm excited to share that we are working on this: Admin users will be able to configure each pipeline's board view with the most relevant card properties for that specific pipeline. Select up to four card properties per pipeline.


If you're interested in joining our early access group, please fill out this form. Note: This feature is available for all Professional and Enterprise customers.


More updates to follow soon.



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I agree with this idea - we process many tickets, but each ticket 'box' takes up too much space.  Would be great if we could remove the logo and reduce font size to increase the number of tickets viewable without scrolling.


It would be really helpful to have customizable fields on the board view of a ticket, only being able to see the subject line, created date and owner is a bit restricting. 


It would be very helpful to at least be able to see the last activity date on this view (which is more pertinent than the created date) 


Currently, there is a 'Tickets' settings area where you can 'Set the properties your team sees on tickets.' In the same way you can select the ticket information to be displayed, it would be great if on the "Selected Properties" area of the modal, you can indicate through some sort of UI that 'These X properities display on the Card' (preview card during Board view). This way, we can set custom properties or standard properties that are visible without going into the ticket details.


The customize option should come in the ticket board view.


This way the ticket details in board view can be customized as per convenience.


I just asked support about the same thing.

This would be a great improvement.


Make it possible to customise the little ticket cards that display in the service pipeline board view.


We use a custom field within our support tickets that relates to a job reference within our development team (basically a JIRA ticket reference). This enables us to track the ticket with the customer (which is in HubSpot) and the more detailed details of the issue with our development team (which is in JIRA).


It would be helpful for our support team to see this custom field on the ticket card as a quick refernce for checking the status of jobs.


We can view the custom field in table view but not board view. 


It would be great to have a ticket's assigned Due Date display on cards in any given swimlane


Yes please, I would like to be able to pull through specific properties so they are visible at Board level.


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Submitting feedback on behalf a customer that being able to customize the cards would be a really useful to have as well, such as including details like associated contact's name and also how the ticket was created (eg via an email)!

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Yes, We would like to show Ticket ID and Customer name in Ticket board view


I agree! We have Vendor Managers (ticket owner) request tickets that our Market Research team work on. We added a property for MR Specialist so we can assign the tickets to individuals. Would love to have the ability to add the MR Specialist property to the board view tabs so I can quickly see what team member is working on the ticket without clicking into it.


This enhancement would help tremendously.  When are team reviews tickets they either have to click on each on to open it or create a report.  Both are cumbersome for a quick review sessions.  


I just asked support about similar functionality as well - our use case would be for tasks attached to that ticket. I would love to be able to show just an icon or something - maybe a green checkmark indicating the ticket has tasks that are completed, yellow indicating unfinished tasks, and red indicating overdue tasks.

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please action this ASAP. It's crazy that it;s not a feature already


yes please, we would like edit the properties displayed in the card view. 


I agree - "time open" is not relevant for our purpose at all, instead another property we have called "launch date". Would love to be able to pin properties to show there. From your (Hubspot) perspective it should be properties that are connected to a date or other/numeric short values, so the view is still nice, and fits inside the column.


Completely agree. Would have expected that this was already possible.


I'd use that too.. very import feature .


This is definitely a must have feature!

This view is made to have a quick understanding of a workflow. Being able to see custom fields which are projet dependant is essential. 

Thanks for developing this! 


MUST HAVE!  We process a lot of tickets and the board view gives us limited information.