Theme Customization for Feedback Surveys


Feedback surveys only allow two ways to customize the design in the Theme section:

  • Replace featured image (no resizing possible)
  • Change color of header bar

Result is Feedback Surveys do not align with brand standards and do not send an obvious signal to customers that they are legitimately from us. 


Would like ability to create/change Feedback Survey Theme (templates) to align with our brand standards.


Full functionality would include this in Design Manager, similar to Pages, Emails, Posts, etc.

At a minimum, would expect to see options to change the Featured Image size and layout, enabling designs similar to those featured in HubSpot's article on well-designed surveys.  


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+ 1 - this seems like such an obvious and easy win to open up the API and allow for more flexibility in feedback survey delivery.


yes it would be great to be able to set everything up in the design manager. HUbspot does not support my language (Slovak) and we cannot use Hubspot surveys, because I can edit half of the survey in Slovak and the other half remain in the supported language. This way I can't send it to the customer. I would be ashamed.


Screenshot at Mar 22 19-35-42.png


I concur.

The current Dutch NPS translation for the question is not working for our organisation. It uses an archaic verb ("zult") that really sounds weird in Belgium for example.

I would recommend the option to offer multiple translation versions (if you really wanna stick to the original NPS question) or make that field customizable with the danger that the user can deviate from the orginal English standard formulation.

The character limit is also a bit of a problem.


+1 on this one - all of our other email templates follow the same design and style, it's a shame that we can't customise the design of our NPS surveys so that they match.


Being able to change some logos and colours is OK, but absolutely everything else about the design is 100% HubSpot and it just looks odd.