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The use workflows for HubSpot admin (housekeeping)

I am currently running a bit of a 'spring' clean across our entire marketing Hub. While it is easy to see and remove unengaged contacts (whether by HubSpot's unengaged criteria, or your own using a workflow) I would love to replicate this process when it comes to removing old landing pages, files, unused design templates etc. 


For example, a workflow that generated a list of landing pages that have had 0 views in the last rolling 6 months, would mean that I could review, unpublish and redirect a smaller batch of pages monthly. I could also send notifications to the relevant account managers advising them of this at a set time each month, freeing up my time to focus on conversion optimisation etc. 


essentially if we could use the amazing functionality available for contact data for admin/housekeeping tasks my life as a HubSpot owner would be greatly improved 🙂