The required/optional properties chosen for the first deal stage in a pipeline have no affect

Currently, whatever properties are chosen as required or optional for the first deal stage of a pipeline have little to no use.


Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 10.19.56 AM.pngThe default properties that are required or optional for new deals are pipeline-agnostic.  And it is already a known issue that a newly create deal can be placed in a later deal stage and none of the required properties of deal ...



Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 10.33.46 AM.pngCan we make it so that required/optional properties for the first deal stage of a pipeline are either: 

1. Included in the first pop-up window when creating a deal. When the pipeline is chosen, the properties below it change accordingly.

2. Once a new deal is created, a second pop-up window appears with the required/optional properties of the deal stage in that pipeline.

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This is important -- as whatever properties chosen for the first deal stage of a pipeline have little to no use, unless the deal stage was somehow moved back in time after being created. 

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This is a huge pain and I was very surprised to learn that this is currently not possible. I even got in touch with HS customer support to report a "bug" as the user interface for deal pipeline settings (as posted in the screenshot above) clearly indicates that it is possible to add properties and required properties to every stage of a deal pipeline stage, including the first stage.


I'd love to see this feature implemented ASAP. There's no bigger pain for team leads than to continuously check their members' correct behavior. So, requiring them to input certain properties based on a PIPELINE and STAGE level is absolutely crucial!