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The ability to use sequence behavior in workflows

Worklows should have to ability to use sequence completions or starts as trigger for following actions.


Example: A workflow that changes a contact property field should a sequence be completed.

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Yes please implement this functionality to have the ability to change statuses automatically as contacts enter and complete specific sequences to reduce the mundain manual updating of contact properties to keep things organized.  The "Now in Sequence" property doesn't work as needed.

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We finally found a workaround!

This is only for deal level: 

We trigger a deal based workflow by using "at least one associated contact has now in sequence equal to true" - then you can set the delay with the amount of days how long your sequence usually lasts. Afterwards you use the same, this time with false: "at least one associated contact has now in sequence equal to false".


Then we set a pre-defined property which is doing the rest (e.g. you have another small workflows which moves the deal then to another pipeline/triggers a task or whatever you want.)