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The ability to specify the different properties upon ticket creation for different pipelines

Hi All, One of my service enterprise clients wants to set which fields are completed based on the ticket pipeline. They have multiple ticket pipelines for different services within their company. In most cases, these tickets are created internally to track progress of presale or post sale service work. Since the service work by group requires differnent fields, it would be best to enable the capability to set a focus on specific custom fields when creating a ticket within Hubspot. Of course, we would want the same with forms. 

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Totally agree with this @dorecchio !

I'd go a step further and request this feature be carried over to deals as well. Not all pipelines are created equally and the properties that are visible in one pipeline are often not as relevant for a different pipeline.


Users should have the ability to select which 2 properties are visible by default in Kanban view and select different properties based on the respective pipeline.


This is a must for both tickets and deals.


Yes, please! Currently most of the properties included in the new ticket default view are useless to my particular pipeline. I collaborate with Sales and they have to jump between views to fill out all necessary properties for the tickets that we work on together.