The ability to set the condition "Marketing email not sent" in list and workflow

Currently, the only way to pull up a list of contacts if marketing email not sent is to create two lists - the first one being marketing email sent and the second being contact is not a member of the first list. 

This actually creates extra work on the customer's end. Also, it'd be good to allow this ability to set "marketing email not sent" so as to allow multiple forms submissions follow-up emails to be set up in one workflow. So that we can set and if/then branch > if customer has filled up form A and not received email follow up A, send them down to Yes branch. 

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We have several workflows that alert us if any number of things go wrong with an email associated with a campaign. This is the one we have the most trouble with because there is no way to know if something isn't sent.  (It often happens for miskeyed email addresses like, where HS has determined that frequent misspelling of the domain to be unsendable)  There is no error to catch when something is "not sent," nor is there is a way to build a smart list for contact was not sent a specific email.


IDEA: What if there were a property on the contact record that indicated an address was "Not Eligible for Send" that could be a combination of reasons for ineligibility: i.e. previous bounce, quarantined address, ineligible domain (like above), global opt out, etc.  This checkbox property or True/False could be used to monitor unsent emails systemwide among other things and could be used in both smart lists and workflows.