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The ability to group contact & company records in the CRM

To further organize the contacts and companies dashboard, it would be nice to be able to group them

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Hey @christinap have you tried using Custom Views on the CRM yet? You can group contacts and companies by contact property fitlers/segments: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/getting-started-with-the-crm-and-sales/how-to-filter-your-contacts-usi...


Is this the sort of feature you were looking for? Let me know if not!

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This is core CRM functionaility that is missing, it seems.

I manage by contacts by assignment, or group. Contacts can belong to multiple groups. They have a status relating to the group. 

I need to view the group and see current status of each contact.

This means filter the contacts for the group, sort by status and display certain properties (including customised properties) in a compact and pleasing way. I need to print this in a professional report or export as pdf, etc.

The (poor) workaround is to define a properties called "Group" and "Status", accept that I can't define status by group, filter by group and get a clumsy customised list display (can't show notes, all on one long line, no formatting), export, then do all the formatting and report generation outside of Hubspot.

We need a customised contact list view and wysiwyg report generator, with output in multi-formats.

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I organise my work by assignment. An assignmnet (or group) contains multiple contacts. A contact can belong to multiple groups. Within each group, the contact can have a different status. If I add a note to the contact, I'd like the note to relate to a group. For any one group I need to see all the contacts, sorted by status, showing the group-specific notes in a customised report format. I'd like to print or download or export the customised report.

This requirement is common to many professionals. I would like to use it for recruitment assignmnets, but also for other business projects.

The current workaround is to define Contact properties of Group and Status. I can only have a generic status or notes, not group specific. I can filter on "Group" and have limited customisation for the list view, and can export, but not notes. I must do all report customisation and generation outside of Hubspot.

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I am using Hubspot CRM for my business. I like the email tracking and the ability for remote collaboration. However I don't use the Deals function and I'm not managing a team of telemarketers. Therefore the Dashboard, pipeline, etc is useless for me.


I would however like to organise contacts into groups, which relate to projects in my real world. Contacts can belong to multiple groups and have a different status in each group. I want to see all the contacts in a particular group and produce a status report for a specific group. This to me is basic CRM functionaility that is not available.


Who needs this? Anyone doing recruitment, consulting, project management....  My suggestion is that you now look to replicate all the basic functions of other generic CRM software in order to capture a big user base for the free CRM, rather than maintain a blinkered focus on users of Hubspot products and their particular requirements and way of working.


Is Hubspot CRM intended only for Hubspot users, or is it a generic CRM product?

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Hey @christinap @Invorio I have grouped all of your posts together, while you may have different use cases / goals /problems, what you both seem to be asking for is a solution that allows for contact and company record groups. Thank you both for your contributions, I'd encourage you to get as many people as you can to vote for the idea so that the HubSpot Product team has a sense of demand. 

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This is also something we'd like to be able to do.


Contact properties are great and all but the ability to create simple groups for contacts is quicker and more straight-forward.

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Would like to be able to:


1. Create a custom property group - for example, Ice Cream Flavours.

2. Create custom properties under the property group - for example, Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla etc.

3. Have the ability to add the "Ice Cream Flavours" group to the rest of the cards on the contact page. (deals, company, website activity, attachments, etc.).


I'm voting this up, as instructed by support, with the hope that this gets read and implemented.

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HubSpot Moderator

Hey all,


I agree with this functionality. I think a custom property group should be able to be added on the Contact record. Maybe the ability to segment within the About Card or something along those lines. I have come across this pain point for users many times as a Support rep, and I think that adding this functionality would really improve the user experience and enhance day-to-day workflow!


Happy HubSpotting!



HubSpot Support

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I'm a user experience researcher.

My suspicion is that most of your users use Gmail or Outlook. These programs' Group functionality has shaped the users' mental model of organizing contacts. To put it another way, your users think about working with contacts the way Gmail/Outlook has trained them to.  I strongly recommend you give this feature top priority. By supporting the near-ubiquitous mental model, you not only make your software easier to use, you will advance your business goals of "growing" small businesses and less-specialist users into more advanced, high-paying users of your paid products.  

I also recommend doing some expert user research (by professionals, not HTML jockeys) on your users' actual practices. Going by "use cases," as you mention above, is great for developers, not so great for people using the software. Short answer is, "use cases" don' t give you a holistic picture, and if your product is meant to be the basis of an ecosystem you NEED that holistic picture.  

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I am new to HubSpot. I am using free CRM for a team of 3. 


I want to be able to group companies by the level of importance. Something like, "Tier 1," Tier 2," etc.

I have been playing around and can't seem to find that level of customization. 


This forum seems to be the most closely related to my issue. 


Has this feature been developed yet?