The ability to export social reports

It would be great to be able to export social reports in addition to some of the other reports

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Apr 3, 2017

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Hi Hubspot support and product teams, 

We are currently reviewing social analytics tools, specifically SproutSocial, Buffer Analytics, and we just finished a trial with SocialBakers (considering spending $6k for the year with them).  The reason we're looking at investing in these is because they add efficiencies to our Social Media reporting process, by allowing our social media manager to export social data to a .csv / spreadsheet that she can then upload to a tracking doc fairly seemlessly with a few copy and paste actions.   Unfortunately, this functionality is not available in Hubspot, so she has to more manually copy and past each item (and in some cases that doesn't work very well due to how the data is presented on the screen, resulting in duplication of the figure we're trying to paste), and with the number of channels we're tracking (eight) it becomes very adruous and annoying to do this on a weekly (or even monthly) basis.  It ulitimately leaves us frustrated with Hubspot, which otherwise we love.  Can you please add my reply as a qualitative data point to accompany your quantitative data points (up votes among them)?

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This feature would be incredibly helpful.


I would like to be able to export all data being used to create the charts in the HubSpot reports, including follower count, # of published posts, interactions, shares, clicks, impressions, sessions, and reach (if possible).


Same goes for the email marketing reports, which when exported don't include some of the key data that the HubSpot charts are showing.


Please make sure everything is available in the exported CSV files.