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The ability to export social reports

It would be great to be able to export social reports in addition to some of the other reports

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The ability to export social reportsGestionnaire de communauté
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I was wondering if it's possible to export social reports to a spreadsheet? (Other than taking a screenshot of the analytics page.) 

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Yes, it is possible to export the data that populates the Social Reports as a spreadsheet. This can be done by clicking the export button in Social Publishing.

This process is outlined here:

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This idea would be for any social media manager whose goal is to increase their social media engagement. This would be of great value. The idea is a way to export the data from the social media reports tab. Specifically the information provided about the 'Visits', 'Clicks', 'Contacts', and 'Interactions'. 

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It would be great to have an option to print and/or export data from Social Reports pages.

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I totally agree with this idea -- and I would add that it would be ideal to have an option to export the data at a day-by-day level of granularity. 

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Salarié HubSpot

As we have the option to export for our Dashboards, it will be nice if we can export the Reports under Social Tools as well.

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Agree to all - need the ability to export the analytics from social similar to export the social data in reports instead of having to take screenshots. Would love the ability to create an occurance to send out a candence of emails since we report out on MOM & YOY

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I vote for this idea. It would be very helpful to be eble to customize the report on a HubSpot dashboard and schedule it to be sent to certain marketing coallegues.

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Would love to either export the Social Reports or be able to add those same charts to a Dashboard! Being able to schedule a regular email with both website information and social media information is very valuable to us.

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I vote for this idea

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Agree, exporting the social reports would be helpful, especially if you don't use hubspot to schedule your posts. 

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To be able to export social report and create a dashboard with the same charts would be amazing