The ability to export campaign data

We need the ability to export data within a campaign.


For example, if I have a campaign that has 20 CTA buttons, I want to export a spreadsheet that has:

  • The name of every CTA in that campaign
  • The clicks for each CTA
  • Views of each CTA
  • CTR of each CTA

(As a side note, it would be very helpful to change campaign names!)

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Totally agree!  We have this campaign tool that produces amazing data in a format that looks neat and crisp but no way to export it.

I need to send this data to clients that I have made each campaign for and the easiest option (which isn't ideal and very time consuming), is to copy an paste all the details into an excel spreadsheet, then spend more wasted time making it look decent enough to send to a customer.

Why not make a great tool greater by implementing an export function?

Seems like a no-brainer to me!