The ability to export Original Source Drill Down 2 as the Front-End text (instead of internal value)

Currently, when users are exporting a list of contacts (when the contacts are created from import), the original source drill down 2 would be shown as a number for example 12345 instead of the import file name. 

It would be good to have an additional flexibility to export original source drill down 2 as the actual import file name or there is a seperate contact property to capture the actual import file name.

This is because as the files are being exported, it would be hard for users to reference what is 12345.


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Thank you DwiP. It is very troublesome for those list that having 50 contacts and above and all different sources.


Hope Hubspot can consider to have this integration.


Li Zhen

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This would be a valuable update so that bounces contacts can easily be identified, lists exported and CRM sorted.

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This shouldn't even be a question, especially when you look in the contact and get the text.


I don't understand why the internal resource code would be used at all.  It's not human readable, but just a number.


I don't go to the store and buy a 0 67002 30400 0, I buy a box of protein bars.  Expecting users to see the number and remember what it is so antiquated I think I'm looking at a dumb mainframe terminal from the 1980's.