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The ability to edit drag and drop saved templates

Hi Everyone! Posting this on behalf of a customer.


With the new implementation of the option to save drag and drop emails as templates for use, it was pointed out that once a template is created there is no option to edit that template. So as a workaround you have to delte the template from the template selector under Manage templates after creating an email with that template, make the changes in the email editor and save the template from that email under the same name.




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This would be very helpful indeed!


We'd love this ! It would be very helpful if we could edit and rename and clone the templates of the emails. 


I was shocked to discover this. Pretty please give us a new editor.....


Here's a similar request to go upvote/merge....

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A work around for the most basic feature in templates?

The purpose of a template is that you use it for new email.

When the template is updated the future emails will use the updated template.



  • List email templates as a separate list in Marketing Emails
  • Make it possible to update the template


And you know what? This works in Sales.


Yet another HubSpot silo inconsistency between Sales and Marketing as well as complete gap in basic email marketing features.


I too was surprised this wasn't possible. Hope this feature is implemented soon.