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The ability to change the A/B test duration after the email is sent

We've had a recent need to adjust the time duration of an A/B test email to extend the time before sending the "winning" message, but that function is not available. 


When I contacted support, it seemed others have had this need as well and the only work-around is cancelling the winning email send, cloning the email, then excluding those who already received it and sending as a separate email.  


If we cannot change the duration, the ability to at least "resend" the same email would be valuable to keep metrics togther.  So two ideas:


  1. Allow changes to the time duration for A/B email winning send after the email is sent 
  2. Allow sent emails to be resent from the original message to a different list and show metrics for the overall email send.  Check how Act-On or one oft he other platforms does it.
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We had the need to reduce the time of the A/B test, however it was not possible. So extending or reducing the test time,would be really helpful to implement. 





@JBeadling @ICvetkovic   I just ran into this myself (that's how I found this thread) and I agree, it would be a great feature - to be able to change the duration of the A/B test or cancel the A/B test and complete the send at the current result. 


This would be really helpful!