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The ability to archive or set report dashboards as draft status



I'm now going through the 5th attempt at integrating dashboards for different teams. I've gathered a lot of useful dashboards during the previous attempts, but for others, those dashboards don't mean anything. I would like to be able to archive or set as 'draft' the existing dashboards so that I can have them as a reference, or could make them live again if needed. This could all be done within the 'Manage dashboards' area.

Value: This would clean up the dashboard list for users and it means I don't need to start from scratch when someone asks me to build a dashboard that was already built a year ago and never used.


The reason this differs from view permissions is that if I set them for just me to view, it would not allow other users to view them for reference and it would also clutter my dashboard list in the dropdown.


As a temporary get around, I have added 'DRAFT - ' to the name for dashboards that aren't in use, but again, this is still overloading the list that everyone sees. As anyone who is trying to implement the use of reports/dashboards knows, simplicity is essential, any sniff of confusion is enough to turn people off from the start.


Happy to hear how others have dealt with this too.


Thanks, Matt.


Ps. any chance of having this ready in say, 3 days? 😉