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The New Menu Redesign **bleep** - why?



It's really hard for me to understand what was the purpose of moving things around - not sure if others are as bothered by this as me.


Sure, if you are looking to redesign the menu to be more convenient and easy to use that is amazing.


But now, not only did you keep the old navigation bar that is just for search now, you added an extra bar on the left with less useful space.


You have to commit to left side or right, but now both of those are blocked. Majority of the top bar is just useless now.


Moreover, I cannot click right away to "marketing" or "automations" and get where I need to go, I have to guess what icon it is, hover over it, wait for the bar to open up, and only then click.


All in all, these changes are horrible and provide 0 value to the user.

I would love for people to argue otherwise, because I genuinely dont understand how this can be approved on such a high level.

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100 percent bothered... and please upvote this option by searching for it...


OPT out of “NEW navigation bar”


@Pavlop @MKennedy48 Agreed!


@hubspot the new menu is garbage. Your efforts spent on destorying a perfectly good menu could have been used on important features like adding a DateTime field.  There's literally nothing good about the new menu. Please allow the option for us to keep the original menu as its UI was perfect. Listen to your customers. 


Seriously, where's the value add to your customers?