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The Need to Show Stacked & Cumulative Financial Data In Area chart type



In our reports it would be extreamly useful to be able to show stacked financial information. 




For example, in the case where you want to show how much of your pipeline is product vs. service, there is no way to show the stacked culmulitive total of the two sources of revenue. 


This feature would unlocked a tremendous amount of value for us as a company as these types of comparisons are critical to the successful management of a healthy sales pipeline.


Thank you for your consideration!

3 Replies

+1, it would really help if we could see stacked too. 


Yes! I would also like to have categorical fields on the x-axis for cummulative sums. For example, which customers are driving 80% of my expansion deals?


This would be a great addition! Have played around with different ways to sort but looks like it can only be done by the currency deal amount. Would be great to be able to see the breakdown by a deals specific module