The Ability to Update Line Items Prices when Products are updated

Currently, any updates on the Product Library such a Product Prices, the changes will not be reflected on existing deal's Line Items. Only new deals moving forward are updated with the new price. For existing deals, there are only two options for customer to update the line items:

  • Manually go to each deal, go to the line items and update the line items
  • Work with a developer to utilise this endpoint - Update a group of line items

It would be great if changes can be made directly from HubSpot CRM app automatically when Product Prices are updated. Perhaps there would be a pop up to check if user would like to update existing non-closed won deals line items


Customer's use case:

  • Let's say a Sales Rep is working on a deal with a Close Date 1 Dec 2020. The product associated with the deal is Software Package A with the price of $200
  • At the end of this year, 31 Dec 2019, there would be an increase in Software Package A. The new price for Package A has not been announced yet - as it will only be announced in 31 Dec 2019
  • Next year, in 2020, sales rep would need to update any deals that he owns that contains the product Software Pacakge A. Sales rep would have to go to each deal individually or work with a developer to update all his affected deals. It would be great if the changes in Product Prices can be updated automatically from in-app

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More importantly, as a manager if you want to do analysis of year over year sales, and want to compare using SKUs, you need the old products to reflect the SKUS. This is very limiting without the SKUs applying retroactively or providing a bulk way without using a developer. We have hundreds of deals and products that have closed since we started using the system, so we can't go back manually to modify.