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The Ability to Export Sequence Data

The need to download and analyze data from Sequences, I can export everywhere else on the website except for Sequences


I can cobble something together using the 'Sales Contact Analytics' tool and filtering 'Contact' data but downloading from the specific sequence page and getting data like Open Rates and what step is the contact in the sequence. 


This idea has been kicking around since 2018:

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This seems like such a simple one - 


My team wants to be able to pull everyone who opened or replied to their sequences into a view so they can analyze by firm. Should be a fairly simple task but apparently there is no exporting of that data (even though the list can be accessed in the sequence tool)? 


I am having them set up contact views "last sequence enrolled = xxx" and "recent sales email click date..." but that's still clunky and not always accurate. 


Replying here to state I too upvoted this and find this idea extremely helpful. 


My team is asking for the same feature, which would be really helpful for follow up