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Text wrap/resizing columns option

Create a feature that will allow users to alter the size/dimensions for lengthy qualitative fields such as "descriptions" for reports so that all of the information can appear across multiple rows as opposed to only having a limited amount of the information visible.

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I would love to have the ability to show all notes on calls in a wrapped text field, like you can in Excel. 


I would like this too.  I need to have the text wrap to a second line and/or be able to size columns so there is more room for what is important on a report.



I think this would be a really good idea 


Bump. This would be THE MOST VALUABLE feature to have in HubSpot in my opinion.


On Hubspot tables, generally:

I am a fan of the new feature of how cells are now editable in a table. 


Being able to have a row height / size expansion to READ all the text in a single cell and to be able to wrap this text to read it would be highly valuable (and be a definitive feature in moving away from excel workflows to HS). 


To summarize this feature request in another way would be Text Wrap variable Rows height. 


Bump! I def. need this.  I want my team and sales managers to be using HubSpot as their #1 source of truth and action but it's difficult to read texts when I am doing my forecasting for reps that make awesome notes. That's why we still use the Salesforce reports 😞 


This is a must-have requirement for management meetings. 

We are exporting and formating on excel !!!


This would be really helpful for Deal Views.



100% agree


In my case, we only need an increase in the number of characters in the NOTES of the CALL ACTIVITIES or in the TASKS.

I also see the limitation of the reports when they are sent in a PDF FORMAT.

The VALUE that having a PDF record provides is that it can be used as a historical record or as an audit.

It is a bad experience to see that reports alone have few columns, and the text in the NOTES is not complete, and does not add value.


We need this desperately as we have to export our reports into Excel since our owner wants to see the full call notes. Currently, they show cut off. 
Our goal is to automate our reports, no manual labor/tweaking. 


^I second this! Would be the most valuable feature in HubSpot in my opinion. One of the few reasons left for using excel is being able to Adjust the Row Height in tables.  This would be very helpful functionality within HubSpot. Thanks so much!