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Terms and Conditions in Payment link

It would be very useful if there is a option for us to share the Terms and Conditions with the customers on the Payment link. The Terms and Conditions checkbox should also be there for the customers to show their consent. The customer should only be allowed to make the payment only if he/she agrees to the Terms and Conditions. And once they agree and pay for the product, along with the receipt the payment confirmation email should share an attachment of the Terms and Conditions.


For now, we have to add a required Contact property (and for this property to show on the Payment link it should be under the Contact Information group only) on the payment link. We cannot make that property a hyperlink , so we have to add the hyperlink under the Checkout section. And after all this , we have to send the Terms and Conditions as a plain text email because Hubspot does not allow attachments on the email send action of the workflow.


The Terms and Conditions feature is required for any product sale and it would be great if this functinality comes in built with Hubspot Payments. 


Thank you.