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Templates for Notes in CRM

We have standard criteria for sales calls that we want to capture and filling out a template within a note would be very convenient. Adding a bunch of custom fields to a deal doesn't really do the trick either because it requires a lot of scrolling to view all info in the left-hand banner and those fields are not formattable. 


We have access to pinning of notes through the beta (very valuable) and I'd love to pin this template to the top of every deal.


Totally agree this would be a great feature. Our sales team also has specific questions they try to get answered during a call. Some of this data would be great to have as contact properties as well. However, adding all this to the about section would be too much. Having the ability to load a form template within the notes section would be great. When saving, it would update the corresponding contact properties, but also save the data in the note activity on the timeline (similar to how form submissions look).

Occasional Contributor


I've got a very similar request so I'm piggybacking off of this; in addition to a drop down for customizable text-based templates for Notes, I'm looking for templates for logging call activities as well as Tasks. We use the Log Activity > Call or Email tool in the CRM to log all customer calls and having a template (that could also be auto-loaded by default!) would be fantastic. We also use the Task feature for structured requests, so a drop down for Task templates would also be useful. See screenshots for examples of the type of text-based template we'd want to customize for.



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We use this for service issues as well and would love to be able to have a template to work from in Notes. 


PLEASE implement this change.