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There are circumstances for which it would be beneficial to save CC's & BCC's to a HubSpot template.  Sales Managers may want to keep track of certain outbound emails, especially those templates that are used in the Deal Stages.  For example, a team of sales individuals may want to be CC'd on outbound deal/quote emails.  When working in a team environment, it's common to CC individuals, and it would save time if a resource could avoid manually CC'ing individuals each time a template is used.

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 We need this very much as well.

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We are looking for something like this. 

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I had submitted this request a couple of years ago. I have both human and automated assistants. EVERY TIME I use a template for scheduling, etc. I have to manually put in the email address to cc or bcc. I can't figure out which is more mind bogglingly stupid: that the feature wasn't included to start with or years later it's still not there. What's the point of having a template if you can't save the details you use each time?

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Long overdue.


Keep upvoting this idea PLEASE!

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We are STILL looking for something like this. 

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Yes, this would be great!