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Template folders are not visible when you filter by a specific owner

Currently the only way to view template folders is "All" view. When switching to the "Owned by me" view, it only shows the templates, not folders. This makes it hard to keep templates organized. Please include folders I've created in the "Owned by me" view.


Also a view that doesn't show templates you've moved into a folder until you enter the folder would be great. If this was the default view i would be fine with that. 

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This feature is difficult for our sales team to use too. We experience the same challenges. It is easier to search for a template than find the folder. 


We'd love to have a folder section like in the marketing emails and landing pages section. This is important as we plan to scale our user base across multiple teams. Folders and organized content quickly becomes important to help teams navigate templates and sequences successfully.


This is must have features should be implemented ASAP. 1000 requests/kudos added to this request. Not having this feature reducing productivity of our support agent.



Definite upvote. We have multiple locations, each with their own customer service and sales teams and templates and snippets. Currently, templates and snippets are all in one big bucket when deploying them through the Conversations interface. We have to use strict naming conventions in order to make them searchable, which costs time and effort, along with adding more process steps for new team members. It would be really beneficial to be able to organize them not just on the backend, but in the place where they are being deployed.


I agree.  My templates are very cluttered and this feature would help a lot.  


This is an excellent suggestion! We also organising our email templates into folders - would make sense to introduce a filter on the contact page beside owner and teams.


The entire point of having a folder system is to sort the data in an organized way.  Currently, when users want to look at their own folders - they can't?  Not sure how a 'folder' feature gets released to end users without the basic functionality of (drum roll)....viewing and sorting data under folders!  Even when the filter is set to view all templates - the folders are just mixed in with the other files not associated with a folder. 


Please fix this.




  • Templates and snippets should be filterable by Folder, not just by Team. 
  • Folders should appear in relevant search results -- regardless of whether it's a search by name/keyword, "owned by," or "team" based search -- currently folders vanish from most filtered results, making them near useless in various scenarios.
  • An additional column that displays the Folder a template or snippet is in would also be very helpful. e.g., If I do a keyword search for, say, "Generic Client Response," and I get 10 matching results -- currently I can only see which templates/snippets were a match, but I can't tell by looking at the results which of those templates or snippets is in which Folder or belong to which Team... Making it difficult to figure out which is the template I actually need, if there are multiple results.

The more teams and cross-functional users we've added to Hubspot and the more templates and snippets they've created -- the more excerbated the problem has become for our reps.


Plus one to this idea! Would love to be able to search for templates by Folder!



Agree with this idea! Since you can't create subfolders or folders with folders today, in order eliminate the noise and amount of templates/sequences and folders displayed when "Any" for the Owner, I can filter based on "Me" or anyone else.  However, when you do so, the folders disappear and all templates or sequences that were once categorized/filtered in each folder are all displayed, making it very cumbersome and difficult to manage. This "Folders Within Folders" new feature request would help and perhaps not need it, but this would still be helpful until that folders with folders feature is here and even afterwards for the same reasons above.


Filtering templates by folders should be in my opinion a no brainer, who would like to deal with hundreds of templates when reaching out to clients one by one... Especially that you can organize them in folders already, that does not make sense to me that a simple folder filter is not available yet!