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Template - Subject line on reply email - choose to use the template subject

As part of a product update the Template's no longer updates the subject line when replying to an email. Previously when you click to use a template in reply to the email the subject line updates accordingly. 


This is a problem for us as we use templates for quotes and orders and we want consistency with the subject line - we don't want human error in typing it out as we pull reports based on the subject line in order to store quotes and orders. 


This is an update that impacts us significantly - how can I get around this? 


I can see why some may not like it to revert to the templates subject line - can't we have a choice as to whether to update the subject line with the template or not?

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Nuevo miembro

Support asked me to upvote this "idea" to add weight for the product team. This is not an "Idea", it is a BUG that needs fixing. It should not be down to customers to have to point this out.