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Team goals & sub-goals

Currently the Hubspot goas module does not support:
1. Using team goals in reporting & forecasting

2. Creating and using sub-goals.


However, it's quite common to:

A. Want to report on overall revenue goal achievement in a fiscal year

B. Break it down into goal achievement in each team.


Thus, I suggest Hubspot finds a way to handle this. It is already possible to type in team revenue goals, but the user cannot use them for anything, even if they are assigned to a pipeline where revenue is made. 

Secondly, it should be obvious that reporting on team goals is more accurate for a business than reporting on the sum of user goals. The reason for this is that the sum of the user goals and the overall team goal might not always be the same; people change jobs and a company can have a period of time with an employee deficit. That should not skew reporting, neither force a company to revise their goals because their CRM can't handle it.


So, anchoring forecasting & reporting on the individual goals will challenge any business where employees resign/are added to the team.

I pledge for Hubspot's goal (pun intended) to be to solve this challenge in their architecture before removing the "beta" label from the goals module. 
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Yes it would be great to be able to choose in reports to use individual or team goals (and which ones).

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Iam surprised there arent more upvotes here.