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Team goals & sub-goals

Currently the Hubspot goas module does not support:
1. Using team goals in reporting & forecasting

2. Creating and using sub-goals.


However, it's quite common to:

A. Want to report on overall revenue goal achievement in a fiscal year

B. Break it down into goal achievement in each team.


Thus, I suggest Hubspot finds a way to handle this. It is already possible to type in team revenue goals, but the user cannot use them for anything, even if they are assigned to a pipeline where revenue is made. 

Secondly, it should be obvious that reporting on team goals is more accurate for a business than reporting on the sum of user goals. The reason for this is that the sum of the user goals and the overall team goal might not always be the same; people change jobs and a company can have a period of time with an employee deficit. That should not skew reporting, neither force a company to revise their goals because their CRM can't handle it.


So, anchoring forecasting & reporting on the individual goals will challenge any business where employees resign/are added to the team.

I pledge for Hubspot's goal (pun intended) to be to solve this challenge in their architecture before removing the "beta" label from the goals module. 
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This is a very basic and important feature that's missing from reporting. Yes, we have individual business development contributors, but we need to show our team and our stakeholders how we've tracking (as a whole) against our company revenue goals for the year. Please add this capability.


Having to break apart goals per member just to report on it is absurd and inaccurate! Such a basic function to report against team goals how is this not a feature??


Come on HubSpot...  Why do you keep doing this to us?


Of course we need team goals and reporting on it.  Also not just revenue.  We should be able to have goals for saleteams on qty of product also.


This is a deal breaker not having these simple options.


I was so frustrated to realize I could not merge goals and reporting -sounds like such a basic idea.


I really can't understand why Hubspot doesn't support reporting on Team Goals. Reporting on any type of goal sounds like base functionality. Why else would you set goals? This needs to be added. 


Agree, this is a must-have. I basically cannot use HubSport for any type of revenue reporting, because reports mix up global numbers and individual goals.

Having this kind of bug in a CRM is simply embarassing.

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when you test report you have a lot of ideas to leverage all the data stored in the system but very rapidly you reach he limits....

Team target versus achievement is this is a must have for wide middle and wide organisartions!!


why does ti take so long to be in developpment.



Fully agree with the original post about the goals and reporting. it would be interesting to see the total pipeline vs the goals for an specific quarter. So this way we could see the pipeline coverage.

Right now, there is only the posibility to check individual goals vs the attainment in the report called: Quota Attainment ( in Traffic Analitics section).

So HubSpot developers, if you could attend our request it would be really useful to solve this feature for sales management purpose.



This is urgent to fix, many of us and our clients are eagerly wating for this. 


Must have! It makes so much more sense for us to have goals on a company level and to be able to see these in charts rather than starting from individual user goals.

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100% upvote on this one. 

It would be extremely helpful to be able to choose the custom goal to pull into a report. 


Can someone from @hubspot at least acknowledge this and provide some feedback? 

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I was surprised not to see the functionality of reporting on team goals (that are built in HubSpot) in reports. This is vital for companies of all sizes. This will help maintain accountability. This is a must.


I share this idea ! It'll be great if we can synchronise in a dashboard revenues with team goals! It's seems to be a very useful KPI...


Fully support this idea. My use case is to add the team Quarterly goal to my Deals report (table), which is a pretty common use case for most sales leaders. 
If sales goals was a object this should be possible. 


I was very surprised, when my client was trying to set this up themselves and asked for help, and all I was greeted with was a "It is not possible to report on team goals". What!? This is a big misstep for Hubspot, and had my client known this wasn't a native feature, they would most likely not have gone with Hubspot. Even this idea is more than a year old, and has nothing but "idea submitted". Really hoping this is implemented soon - it feels like a cashgrab to have more people buy a sales professional seat..


Our sales team works as a TEAM. Imporant for our business to be able to report on both indivual and team sales goals. 


I absolutely need this! Our team goal is typically different than the sum of our user's goals, so reporting on this is impossible. I would also love if we could set multiple goals, and then when building a report there was an option to select the specific goal you wanted to report on. 


Yeah goals needs to be able to be attached to reports 100%


Agree with the problem. This is very much needed to be able to use Hubspot for setting goals on each level within an organisation. The current solution is not enough for managing company goals.


It is quite common that companies/departments have one top level revenue goal (team goal) but the sum of the individual revenue goals (user goal) are higher than the team revenue goal. On individual dashboards, We would like to set up the report showing revenue compared to the user revenue goal.

But on the company dashboard, we would like to set up the report showing the total revenue compared to the team revenue goal.

When creating a report according to instructions, I cannot choose if I want to use user goals or team goals.

So how can I build a report, showing revenue towards a team goal in a smart way?