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Team goals & sub-goals

Currently the Hubspot goas module does not support:
1. Using team goals in reporting & forecasting

2. Creating and using sub-goals.


However, it's quite common to:

A. Want to report on overall revenue goal achievement in a fiscal year

B. Break it down into goal achievement in each team.


Thus, I suggest Hubspot finds a way to handle this. It is already possible to type in team revenue goals, but the user cannot use them for anything, even if they are assigned to a pipeline where revenue is made. 

Secondly, it should be obvious that reporting on team goals is more accurate for a business than reporting on the sum of user goals. The reason for this is that the sum of the user goals and the overall team goal might not always be the same; people change jobs and a company can have a period of time with an employee deficit. That should not skew reporting, neither force a company to revise their goals because their CRM can't handle it.


So, anchoring forecasting & reporting on the individual goals will challenge any business where employees resign/are added to the team.

I pledge for Hubspot's goal (pun intended) to be to solve this challenge in their architecture before removing the "beta" label from the goals module. 
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Yes it would be great to be able to choose in reports to use individual or team goals (and which ones).

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Iam surprised there arent more upvotes here. 


I would not have signed up to hubspot had I known that I could not report on goals for pipelines or teams. We work together and we win together, no one person has an individual goal to achieve in isolation, the team work together to develop proposals and nurture each lead through using their specific skillsets along the way. Individual goal reporting is useless to me.

Also, there are users in the organisation that are members of several teams, they contribute to multiple deals in multiple pipelines. 


Pipeline & team goals is a must.


I need reports on team goals in HubSpot dashboard. Individual goals are not right for my purposes.


Thank you.


I second this - our top level leadership teams don't need micro-date, they need to see that a team is achieving or missing their goals and it is a run around to create this report.


In addition, we have incentive and compensation schemes that require a spread of reports based on individual reps and individual goals but out of the same pipeline. Currently, goals reporting does not have the ability to refine by goal which is causing issues. If even the "goal progress" segment from the goals tool could be saved to a dashboard similarly to the Forecasting tool, it would solve a lot of problems.


Also, it would be great to be able to:

- Filter by deal type, we have some deals which have an amount but it is not a recurring one (PoV fees, Services). And our goals are only on ARR. Alternatively to be able to report on a specific field

- See the reps forecast submission over time. At the moment it is not possible to have a report showing the evolution of the manual submission numbers compared to goals.



This is what I need for my organisation. At organisation level and pipeline level. I am on a Sales proffessional and Marketing Enterprise subscription. The sales proffessional level includes "sales analytics", yet I can not view sales V target for anything but individuals. 

This isn't an added value, its a minimum requirement. 


Definitely! Just created a report and thought the Team goal would show up there. Now I'll have to create a new set of goals, based on users, so I can see the data in a report. Makes no sense!


Upvoting this idea.  I migrated my goals using the new tool only to find that nothing I have set up is visible in reporting or forecasting - this is infuriating and means I have to go back and recreate monthly and per-person goals for every staff member.  Why is this functionality missing from the replacement tool, it's one of the main things goals are for!  It is NOT my job to do functional acceptance testing.


Agreed! Mapping revenue goals to a pipeline (often a team) is a pretty common reporting request.


We need to set Targets by Country, and some reps work on Deals across regions.



We are working on data points onboarded, so tracking not only # of deals closed, but also # of associated data points.

Would be great to create those individual goals + build pacing on it


This seems like a quick win with big impact. It makes much more sense for us to have goals on a company level, and to be able to see these in charts rather than starting from individual user goals.


I agree with everything stated in the original post and the replies. HubSpot Goals is a severely limited tool that is somehow less useful than a spreadsheet. Examples from HubSpot's Knowledge Base posts on Goals and Custom Goals: "It is not possible to report on Team goals" and "You cannot use the reporting or forecasting tool with custom goals". Goals that cannot be reported on are not ready for production. The Goals configuration also doesn't allow a user to be added after a Goal is created, which means we have to create individual goals for every sales user intead of using a Team Goal, because HubSpot isn't designed to handle hiring a new member of the sales team and adding them to an existing Goal. I know the tool is in Beta, but these requests are for basic sales management functionality.


Just butted up against this problem myself. Reporting against team/company goals would be great and is what management want to see.


This is SO key - please sort this ASAP. I can't believe this isn't available given the price of the product.


100% agreed. I need this, too.


Upvoted, we really need this or otherwise, workarounds are needed with workflows that export deal closed amounts + spreadsheet that creates goals vs current revenue graph has to be published on the web, so it can be included on Hubspot's sales dashboard. Not ideal.


Super important feature to solve for. Feels very weird that only user based goals are possible to have. 


I'm very surprised that team goals can't be tracked in reports. It's very basic!