Team Meeting Link - Setting individual team member availability

We have 2 members of our sales team. They take meetings M-S from 9-5pm however one of our team members only works 11AM to 2PM on Mondays and Wednesdays. It would be great if we could set her availability in Hubspot versus having to go into her calendar and blocking off all the other times.

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Honestly if the Team Meeting Link would honor individual users' meeting availability settings, that would be a simple and elegant solution.


Right now the Team Meeting Link is basically useless if the team is across multiple continents. There's no way to stop meetings from getting booked in the middle of the night, other than manually blocking out non-working hours on every user's individual calendar.

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This is needed. And @DevonC states it very well. We have the same problem.

Each calendar like e.g. Office365 or Google offers a 'working week' definition, which could also be taking directly into the planning so you only have to make changes if you want to be bookable outside office hours in your local timezone.