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Tax by line item on quotes

I know this has been proposed many times before by other members, but I too would greatly benefit from being able to apply, modify, or remove tax on a line item level on quotes.


Product library entries should have tax properties saved, and then I should be able to apply tax to only the line items that I want at the quote/deal level.

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November 28, 2023 02:37 PM

Hey Community, I just wanted to drop an update here.  This is still the number one priority for my team, and we're making good engineering progress against our basic solution.  We've now begun discussions around accounting sync/integrations for auto-tax calculation and how that should work, and it's taking a bit of time to figure out what the right scalable future solution is for all customers, but Joe, Ethan, and I are all working together around the clock to gather information, make decisions, and chart that path.

If you're a customer that just needs a simple line item tax, please keep sending emails my way subject line "taxes on line items."  I don't respond to all of them but I do tag all of them for notification as I've mentioned above.  And if you're a customer using an Avalara, TaxJar, QBO, Xero, or other integration, we may want to talk to you.  Please send me an email at subject "integration taxes customer." 

I appreciate everyone's patience here, I know it's a big pain point and we want to get it right for you.  ~Victoria Gumaer

May 02, 2023 08:39 AM

Hi community, my team is actively working on this feature now and we need your help to get us over the finish line.  If you have a few minutes and would be willing to chat with the design team on a few questions we have, or you'd like to sign up to be in the beta when we're ready, please drop me an email at  We'd love to chat!

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May 02, 2023 08:35 AM

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Hi, currently we are only able to add tax to an quote. However, it would be great if we could add it to an individual product instead. The use case from a customer is that some of the products on a deal only incur tax in certain countries, and not in others. Hence, the customer suggested that it would best if it can be controlled at both the product and quote level. 




That's correct, some of our products are exempt from tax (GST) in Australia for private clients, but do incur tax for business clients, or for private clients in New Zealand. So I'm struggling to find a way to use the HubSpot quotes system for our private clients. A workaround suggested by the team was to calculate all prices to already include GST, but that doesn't work because we sell these same items in both Australia and New Zealand, and the tax rate is different. This workaround would require we enter each of these products three different times (for private AU, for private NZ, and for businesses AU). If we could just specify at the line item / product level that the item is exempt from tax, that would be the BEST solution. 🙂


Yes it would be nice to tax products and then the fee at the bottom not be taxable. 


I agree with this as we need to apply different taxes to recurring as opposed to our one time charges. This really keeps us from using the software as intended. 


I agree with this as well, our clients have different taxes for their products, so now they have to manually calculate their total tax amount, so that it can be included within the quote. This prefents them from using the tool as intended, since it was implemented to fasten her workflow. 


We are surprised that this option is not included as standard. Customers are anything but happy about this. Just isn't logical that it isn't fixed yet. So please do.


I'm also surprised that there's not a setting to make all products Taxable or Non-Taxable. My company sells both goods and services, this lack of functionality makes all quotes innacurate and renders this function nearly useless without a cumbersome workaround. Quotes is a key feature that prompted us to upgrade to Pro and I'm very disappointed this functionality isn't present in a tool of this cost / caliber.


We have some line iteam where VAT applies and some where it doesn't apply. Thus it would be essential for us to  have this funcitionality!




With HubSpot's desire to be a part of so many of culture's sales places it is so very needed for us to be able to do such a thing. Honestly, this is one of the things that is keeping HubSpot from being a true multi-industry leader. Think of this. We can sell with your tool but can't bill properly with your tool. This is wrapping our hands up to have to use other tools to secure our deals. Furthermore, you guys just released Payments and we can fully commit to payments bc your billing portion is a bit limited. This needs to change asap. 


We desperately need this. Because this feature is not available, our sales rep have to create 1 quote per VAT type for the same order (otherwise the only way would be for them to calculate VAT manually).

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+1. This would be really useful for cases where we need to include multiple line items on the same quote but some are vat exempt. 


Not being able to add GST to individual items pretty much makes the quoting tool usless for us


Yikes, pretty shocked to find out this hasn't been addressed.

Being unable to deal with tax in a sensible way makes the entire quotes and payments features useless.


My company requires individual tax values / editing for each line item in quotes. Until this is addressed I'll be forced to use a different software platform for quoting and invoicing. The lack of this ability in quotes is such an unexpected, inconvenient and disappointing surprise.


We are unfortunately stuck with Hubspot quotes/invoicing. We absolutely need to add different VAT per product. Hubspot only offers a single VAT for the entire quote. I imagine that many companies have already had this problem. How to do ? Is there a trick in Hubspot to add a column that calculates this VAT? Is there a third-party integration that would allow you to have quotes with different VAT on the products? Thanks for your help !


We need to show the different VAT % on the quotes and invoices. We can (of course) manually calculate the total amount of VAT per quote. But in order to deduct VAT, our customers need to have the VAT split per (at least) VAT % category. Please fix this asap.

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Hello Product Team 

Posting this on behalf of the Customer

It would be great if we could have the Product in the Product Library to be split out into the Unit Price and the Tax. Subsequently, when this is added as a Line Item to a Quote it shows the breakdown likewise. This is unlike currently where Discount, Fees, and Tax are added as a manual write-in Option which is not ideal because when Products are synced over by other Third-Party App/Integration like Chargebee the Total Price = Unit Price and Tax, these cannot map 1:1 to HubSpot which means that the Unit Price in HubSpot needs to take out the Tax first and then manually add it back when adding the Quote which leads possibly to loss of efficiency and room for error. 

Thank you!


It is insane we dont have this feature yet. What are you doing hubspot????


Another helpful modification to this idea is to be able to specify whether a one-time fee is taxable or not.  We like to put freight costs as a one-time fee, but we don't include those in the taxable amount.  


So if we also have a one-time tax added, we cannot use the % to calculate it since it also uses the one-time fee.  Perhaps there could be a checkbox next to all product lines and the one-time lines to specify whether that line is taxable.


@Someone from HubSpot, is there any development update on this feature? This is still highly needed in many different countries