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Tax Jar Integration with Quotes


I have an idea to save sales teams a lot of time, and make finance teams really happy. I recently discovered Tax Jar, which allows finance teams to create tax settings that sync to your organizations order management softwares, and can be called via API using ship to details to get an accurate tax rate specific to your organization.


It would be amazing if we could integrate tax jar with the quotes tool, so that our sales team doesn't have to look up tax rates, and accounting will always be charging the correct rate. 


Win, win.

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We are also looking for a robust, repeatable way to send "tax-accurate" quotes with Hubspot. 
Taking the leads address and region and generate an accurate quote is so pivotal.

Right now, the sales team has to use other softwares and copy and paste amounts into the tax field.

Lets help out the sales teams here Hubspot!!!


We too are looking for a way to apply accuatre tax rates without our sales team having to use other sources to manually enter it in. We currently use TaxJar for another System we have and would love if this could be a plug-in for Hubspot. 


Avalara integration would be ideal as that's what we're using with finance


Taxjar or avalara


Agreed.  This is a necessity.