Tasks with NO due date

It would be SUPER helpful for my team if we had to ability to create tasks without due dates.  There are simply some tasks that while they need to be created to make sure they are in a queue, are not important enough to assign a due date.


Does anyone else have this issue?

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Yes. We are constantly entering a date for unimportant tasks, then having to go in a bulk change the dates when they aren't completed by the due date that we arbitrarily entered.

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Agreed.  It seems like a relatively small thing that could make a huge difference for our sales guys.

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couldn't agree more !

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I very much agree with this idea, please Hubspot make out lives easier by allowing for tasks without due date!


I for example like to keep a list of low-priority tasks for when I have a minute of downtime. These absolutely do not need to be linked to a deadline.

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This would be very helpful for us as well, as we have many tasks with varying due dates. We often have to "pause" deals at the request of the deal contact, and the task then appears overdue which is not ideal!


Please include this update.

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I concur. Some tasks are basic tasks that do not have a specific time-frame. Having the option to create a tasks without a due date will make HubSpot more intuitive and user friendly.