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Tasks assigned to multiple users

I would like the option of assigning a single task to multiple users. We have teams of 2 & 3 people who are often assigned jobs after we meet about projects.

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HubSpot Product Team

Hello @Bradenh123 , 


My name is Kirsten and I work in HubSpot Support. I came across your idea while working on a request, thank you for submitting it. Another ideas post exists for this idea and it has had additional support from other users. So our product team can see the demand for this functionality in one place, may I suggest that you upvote post Assign task to multiple people? Please also feel free to comment on it with your specific use case.


Have a nice day,


Hi Kirsten, I came across this and have also commented on the post you mentioned above however I wondered if you knew whether there were any plans to put this into development. Many thanks.