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Task to customize task type



It would be great if there would be an option to custimize the task types. By customizing the tasks we can be more specific in the communication towards other users.


Having a similar set up like the call / meeting types would add a lot value in standardising / understanding which type of tasks are effectice in the way we communicate.




Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 10.35.24.png

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New Contributor

I also think this would be a great addition. I have different types of tasks I perform and if I could edit the types in the drop down menu, it would cut back on having to type out the type of task I have to do for each and every task.

Occasional Contributor

Also adding a +1 for this idea.  We use tasks to manage a number of workflows and different types of to-dos for the team that we would like to be able to report out on.