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It would be great if there would be an option to custimize the task types. By customizing the tasks we can be more specific in the communication towards other users.


Having a similar set up like the call / meeting types would add a lot value in standardising / understanding which type of tasks are effectice in the way we communicate.




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Hi @CWand   Great suggestion. Moving this to the Ideas forum for further comment. Can you ad a bit more context on how this would help your business and workflow? 


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Very similar to call types. It would be great to have task type. By customising the task types we can be very specific about the type of tasks. The more specific the tasks, the clearer the instructions.  We would be able design specific workflows

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This woud be an excellent feature. I moved tghe company from a competative CRM that had a Task list that was customizable and printable.  The feature allowed the sales team to drill down by Deal, Contact, and or Company.  Almost like we see when we open a 'Deal". Is very helpful when we have reps working multipal deals within a one company.

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Definitely in favour of this, it would help me hugely to have an "Initial Outreach" task type that could then be filtered out so as not to get in the way of more pressing, warm leads. These could then become the focus once the more pressing tasks have been completed.

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Fully agree, this is something we would like to edit.  Ability to tailor task types would just be one additional level of detail that is very meaningful.  I agre with Cwand, make it like the call & meeting types functionality.  

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I also really want this! also to be able to report on all the different task types for all the users in a portal.

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+1 that would be a very helpful feature for us. When a colleague sends a task they should be able to choose between priority 1 / 2 /3 and the assignee should be able to see the same prioritisation for the task.  

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Yes we would like to tag all of our hottest prospects with a certain call type that our reps could filter on. 

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Yes I would also love this feature.

I would like a task type like 'follow up'


because my Personal assistant can adjust the type from 'to do' to 'follow up' and then I know that she has atleast started with the task.

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Definitely helpful; various task types should be customizable and could include a number of types: 


LinkedIn connect


Direct mail

Text message