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Task templates or presets

Proposed feature: Having the ability to create preset or template "tasks" that we can use to make task creation easier. 


It would be great if we could have the ability to set up certain task templates or presets that could automatically have the "Due date", "Type", "Priority", "Queue", and "Assigned to" customized by OUR team. Similar to a snippet, if we were able to use a hashtag (#) to bring up all of the standardized fields for a task that we set (including title) would be extremely helpful. 


What does this look like?
Let's say our team gets a service call. We add notes to the call, create the title, but then it becomes pressing to change all of the settings of the task each time we create a call. Using a workflow to do this is not sufficient. The proposed change would allow us to select a standardized task that we set up (customized task examples: Facebook comments, voicemail follow-ups, initial outreach on a service call, questionnaire follow-ups, etc.) and it would populate the task for us (so we only had to make limited adjustments when creating or finalizing task creation).

Creating tasks is becoming more menial and laborious and this would help to alleviate some of that stress or added manual labor. 


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