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Task reminders pop-up in contact records/task queues

A customer recently asked whether it would be possible to get the task reminder pop-up that we see displayed in contacts home (see screenshot) to show up when working through a task queue.

Tasks Home reminders.png

Since their users are exclusively working in contact records to do their follow-up, a reminder to create a new task right after marking an existing task as completed would help them improve the relationships they are building with customers. 



I found the following Community Post showing some additional interest in a feature like this. It would be great to be able to toggle this reminder pop-up on and off, similar to how we are able to do that for Tasks Home (Settings > Sales > Tasks). 

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Thanks Emily!


How do we get the abiltiy to see these prompts on the contact record to the program writers?  It appears it was suggested back in 2017.  Obviously this is a topic of interest.


Definitely supporting this idea!
For me, the followup reminder is nearly useless without having it in the contact/deal/company-view..


When we are working through new contacts and queues we log the relevant activity, email or call and then set our next task by checking the "Create a task to follow up" box. 


We live by tasks to manage our pipeline and enquiry follow ups.


However, my reps are regularly forgetting to tick this box. What really brought it home was a massive enquiry today that my rep hadn't checked the box on, so this lead would have been instantly over-looked if I hadn't came across it later and clicked into it out of curiosity.


I know this is a human error, so I thought I could eradicate this by defaulting the tick box to be always on, as it is very rare that we don't set a follow up.


So I was surprised when I couldn't find this option in the settings, and google / the community didn't have any related posts?

Am I the only person who has this issues? I've put a screenshot below. 


Who: Sales teams following up with prospects.

Goal: To keep in contact with client at suitable intervals to manage the sales process.

Value: The deal I mentioned above was over £100,000. We are running currently at 10 inbound leads (of various sizes) a day and growing. If this button is missed only 25% of the time, that's a lot of prospects and leads that are lost.




We need this! The Follow Up pop up is such a good Idea, but it seems like it was half baked when they only did it on the task table view. Should be anywhere you mark a task complete.

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Yes, that would be very nice.


When you check completed tasks in the tasks tab you have the ability to add a follow-up task.  Why is this not available when you are in the contact and have a task open to complete?

Also, I would like to see a notes link right in the contact task box, similar to adding notes when you make a call through HubSpot


When marking a task as complete from within the Tasks Dashboard, you receive a pop up to create a follow-up task. However, you do not receive that same pop-up from within the contact record when a task is marked complete. HubSpot Support believes this may have to do with the page you are on when completing the task. Since you are already on the contact record, they would rather you just click the new task button that’s already within the contact record to create an additional task for yourself. Within the Tasks Dashboard though, since you aren't directly on the contact record, the pop-up helps cuts down on the time it may take you to either have to track down the contact and make the task there, or manually input the relevant contact information to ensure our task is tied to the correct record. Even though this is expected behavior at this time, HubSpot Support doesn't see any harm with the pop-up being in both locations. Can we enter this in as an enhancement request? The completion pop-up for a follow up task should happen site-wide. Thanks!


Hubspot, please add a default tick box option. Far too easy for Sales Teams to forget to click this critical box. 

Follow ups are more common than not, so this is definitely an oversight that needs to be fixed. 



Gonna voice my support for this idea. I actually was confused when I didn't see the popup follow up task the first time I checked a task complete in somewhere other than the tasks dashboard....I expected to see a popup just like on tasks page.


I do ALOT of following up in my work, frequently checking off one follow up task and immediatly creating another task to follow up in a week or two. 


I would love to see a completion follow up pop up anywhere it's possible to check a task complete.


When in a contact record and marking a task as complete, we'd like to be able to get a follow up notification like how it does in Sales>Tasks.


Please enable this. As of now our Sales team thinks about switching to Pipedrive again as the CRM part is just not working for them due to minor annoyances such this...


It would be very helpful to be able to run tasks like a timeline/chain where we can create a follow-up tasks from a task. Our team does a lot of follow-ups for tasks, particularly with hand-offs of contacts between teams relating to webinars or setting up meetings and calls.

Please create an option to set a follow-up task within a task itself.


This feature is so important. I can't understand why Hubspot is not providing it!!!!


Hi Hubspot and communal fam

This idea is awesome and needs to be created by hubspot.

Any idea how if anyone from hubspot has viewed this idea?

Also can a personal developer create this for us if HS global doesnt?

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Hello - would also like to lend support to this idea. 

We have the option to set a prompt to create a follow up task - however this only works when clearing a task from a list view. This creates an inconsistent experience and expectation as sometimes you might clear a task directly on a contact or company view and then not have this automated follow up option appear. Could this be rolled out to trigger the follow up task creation wherever you might clear the task instead of just in the list view?

Settings to turn on follow up prompt:
Screenshot 2022-10-03 at 13.56.16.png


How it works in list view:

Screenshot 2022-10-03 at 13.59.33.png


No automated prompt when marking a task completed in contact view:

Screenshot 2022-10-03 at 14.10.53.png



Adding my support to this idea. My sales team specifically approached me to see if this functionality was possible.