Task reminders pop-up in contact records/task queues


A customer recently asked whether it would be possible to get the task reminder pop-up that we see displayed in contacts home (see screenshot) to show up when working through a task queue.

Tasks Home reminders.png

Since their users are exclusively working in contact records to do their follow-up, a reminder to create a new task right after marking an existing task as completed would help them improve the relationships they are building with customers. 



I found the following Community Post showing some additional interest in a feature like this. It would be great to be able to toggle this reminder pop-up on and off, similar to how we are able to do that for Tasks Home (Settings > Sales > Tasks). 

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Thanks Emily!


How do we get the abiltiy to see these prompts on the contact record to the program writers?  It appears it was suggested back in 2017.  Obviously this is a topic of interest.


Definitely supporting this idea!
For me, the followup reminder is nearly useless without having it in the contact/deal/company-view..


We need this! The Follow Up pop up is such a good Idea, but it seems like it was half baked when they only did it on the task table view. Should be anywhere you mark a task complete.


Please enable this. As of now our Sales team thinks about switching to Pipedrive again as the CRM part is just not working for them due to minor annoyances such this...