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Task page improvments

I use the Tasks page all day, every day. It would be more efficient & useful if you added the following:

1. More useful columns--add to Action to include additional columns from the account (Account name, State/Country, Time zone). I make global phone calls and, when I look at my task list, I can't tell at a glance if a contact is in the mid-west or the Middle East! A work around is to manually type it in the description, but that's a waste of time.

2. Reduce the width of columns so they take up less white space. I can't work on a small laptop with HS because of all the scrolling I have to do to see everything. At least offer the settings option to narrow the columns. Very poor design, IMHO.

3. Include Lead Source as part of the Action types so I can sort that way to prioritize daily calls.