Task connection to Contact

I like the feature of sending a contact an email, and assigning a follow up task for yourself based on that email.


I would find it very helpful if when you are writing an email to a contact, and you include other people in the CC or BCC lines, and then click on Create a Task to Follow Up, first I would like to be able to default my standard follow up time.  Right now it is always 3 business days. 


Secondly, when that task is created, it assigns it to the LAST person added to the email, even if it is the CC or BCC line, rather than the person the email is TO.  That makes the task follow up screen difficult to understand because a Task for someone is assigned to a person you merely copied on the email.


Finally, if the Task would be named the Subject Line of the email, it would also be easier to remember what you were following up for.  Right now, it is given a generic name of "Follow up with [Contact Name]" and you have to go back and manually change it.


Thank you!