Task-based workflows


It would be amazing to have task-based workflows!


We have various things generating tasks - especially sequences. Task lists don't solve every problem - sometimes the situation is more nuanced.


Would be AMAZING to have task-based workflows so can assign tasks (or edit other task properties) based on various conditions (task title, related properties, etc.).

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You can currently create a task using the workflows; however, you cannot set determing any settings within the task. It would be great if you could Create a task, determine the TYPE of task (call), assign it to a user, assign it to a call queue.


For example - if you have a partner (versus a prospect) that fills out a contact us form, and they identify themselves as a partner persona, then the workflow would create a task to call this user and it is due in 10 days. The task would be assigned to John Doe. 


This would be crucial, as you could create call queues based off many characteristics (ie. If they're in california and their persona is "Accountant", assign a call task to Kim that is due in 10 days.). Management would be able to track to ensure all leads are being worked effectively, and measuring outcomes based off the "Log Activity" feature within each contact. 


Would be great if you could auto assign a task queue within a workflow vs. having to manually move a task into a queue. 


Yes this is needed!


I posted something similar today, definitely needed for the sake of sanity!


Also need a warning showing which workflows rely on the presence of this queue if an admin attempts to delete it.


I agree, would make tasks a bit more manageble.


what we need is the ability to create standardised task queues for the Account as a whole and then we could assign workflows to specific queues, and then we could have "queue" as a field in the Task view and filter on queues. 


This would also help companies implement a more standard operational model. 


Right now, because everyone can have thier own queues we cant use this to define workflows or to be visible in reporting. 



Could be good to consolidate the votes and comments to one thread so support for this idea is properly reflected.





We use tasks to record sales activity on the deal record - it would be great if we could automatically "complete" these tasks with a workflow based on other deal properties updating.


I have a large list of contacts which I would like to assign to our telemarketers to phone. However, I don't want to give them a huge list of a couple of thousand contacts each to phone back, I would prefer to give them bitesize chunks every day. 


Therefore, I was hoping that I could generate a workflow that automatically assigns a user a manageable number of contacts (say 40) per day. Every day they get a new list of tasks to call back. 


I spoke to HubSpot support and they say this is not currently possible. I'm sure I am not the only one who would find this feature useful and I'm confident it is possible with other CRMs. This would be a great feature to add to HubSpot.


The ability to assign a task to a queue from a workflow would greatly help with functionality and organization on the Service Hub side. 

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This would really help. We need a way for our sales team to organise their tasks easily and a lot of their tasks are automed through workflows.


It would be great if you could set property value for tasks, I am trying to create a workflow that will allow a user to press a button that will assign all related tasks on a ticket to themselves (instead of having to do it manually one by one) the reason i cannot create this workflow is because when I get to the set property, it only gives me the option of deals, company, contact & ticket, why can't tasks be added to this? 


Hi teams,


I'd like to be able to design workflow that create tasks for the owner and categorize them in queue. It'll be extremely helpful and time saving to classify for them those tasks into a queue.


I understand that each owner can create its own specific queue, but the way to sort it is to create in every user interface a queue that follows the queue name created for the workflow.


Seems to me like a must have!


This would be really useful for me too!

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Agree 100%. If they complete the task by updating a property, then we should be able to use a workflow to also mark the task as compelte. 


we could use this as well!