Task-based workflows - Auto push to ASANA

I would like to push tasks to ASANA, IE if I create a task associated with a Deal, or contact or company, I'd like that task auto pushed to ASANA . I realised Workflows is the way to setup the automation but am struggling to setup this way. The trigger is task exists yes. If task exists then send task to ASANA. Simple. Cant seem to work out 'how' to do this. If ou can please help, if not, please vote for this capability in future and ASAP...

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+ I work for Unito and we're working on integrating Hubspot to other project management tools like Asana. The idea is to sync tasks bi-directionally (from Hubspot --> Asana and vice versa). That way, when you create a task in Hubspot, you can set up a sync to push that task over to Asana. 

If that interests you, you can beta test our connector by registering 
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Thx! Done!