Task-based Workflows

Be able to enroll a task in a workflow. We currently have contact-based, deal-based and ticket-based workflows, it would be great to have task-based workflows. Below are a few things that could be done with it.


Use case 1: send an email notification to the manager if an urgent task is overdue

For some tasks, it's ok to be overdue for a few days, for others, it's not. With task-based workflow, we could build the following workflow: if {property x} = yyy and task is not completed and due date was 1 day ago or more, then send an internal email notification to manager@company.com


Use case 2: Once a deal is Closed Won, delete all currently associated open "sales tasks"

We have task created automatically via deal-based workflows to follow-up on deals 7/30/60 days after deal entered stage ABC. But if the deal becomes Closed Won before those tasks become due, there is nothing to highlight the user they no longer need to be completed. Hence, they stay around, uncompleted and without a need to be completed. With task-based workflow, we could build the following workflow: if task type = xxx and deal stage = closed won, then delete the task.


Note: for task-based workflows to be fully usable, it's required to have custom properties for tasks, so please vote here too: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/Task-custom-properties/idi-p/204853#M21551

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We are looking for this exact same thing.

The only thing that needs to be added is the option to pick Overdue Task in a Workflow.

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This is a great idea. We have workflows where step 2 cannot be complete until step one is done.  It would be very helpful for the second step not to be triggered until the task associate with step one is marked as complete.  This would ensure that contacts don't get a email sent to them too early.

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This is an excellent idea.  We're using Tasks in HubSpot CRM to assign pre-sales, scheduling, and contract needs between our sales an operations team.  When we assign a Task to an operations team member, they get an initial email notification from Hubspot.  But otherwise, if the Task changes, details are added, etc. there is no notification.  We created a Workflow that notifies the team if a Deal has a "task has changed", but I cannot create a workflow on a specific Task. 

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This is good idea; it's needed for our team , too

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I was looking to do this as well. Part of the workflow has to be done manually, but I want to be able to delay creating the second task until the first one is complete because it's dependent.