Task Templates for Easy Task Creation

It would be great to allow for saved task templates in HubSpot CRM. I find myself creating the same tasks often for contacts that I'm manually following up with (ie. not on a sequence). It would be great to have the option of creating templates instead of needing to manually create each follow-up task.


Thanks for the consideration!



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It would be great if we could save our own custom tasks just like snippets and templates for emails. Create one that we can use over and over, store in folders, clone, update, etc.

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Adding that this seems key and would be extremely useful. Following thread.

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Yep another up vote - this would be incredibly useful! 

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Yes please! 



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I'd also love this to be incorporated into Workflows, so I could take the same "canned task" and use it over and over and over again across various workflows. 

updated to: Not Currently Planned
HubSpot Product Team

Hi HubSpot Community,


This is a really great suggestion, but it's not currently planned in the next couple of quarters. 

For that reason, I am switching the status of this idea to Not Currently Planned


We'll re-evaluate this idea in the coming quarters and update the status accordingly if anything changes. 


Thank you,


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Would also vote for this idea

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It's now August 2020 - any updates on this one? 


Would be VERY useful for us.

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I agree - task templates seem like they'd be useful for everyone! Marketing projects have templates, but those tasks don't show up in the CRM tasks or daily digest emails.  


Agreed...this would be very useful. Marketing projects have templates, they do not show in the CRM tasks or daily digest emails.  


Including this in the CRM tasks would be extremely useful! Would love to see this happen.