Task Templates for Easy Task Creation

It would be great to allow for saved task templates in HubSpot CRM. I find myself creating the same tasks often for contacts that I'm manually following up with (ie. not on a sequence). It would be great to have the option of creating templates instead of needing to manually create each follow-up task.


Thanks for the consideration!



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@davharts thanks for the feedback! I'd love to hear more about what types of tasks you are commonly creating. Could you describe some of the most common tasks you are creating frequently? 

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@blodge sure thing! Some of the most common that jump to mind are:


  • Proposal Follow Up - Sent proposal a few days ago. Confirm receipt. See if any questions have come up.
  • Check In on Discussions - Prospect was discussing proposals internally with the team. If no word, check in to see how those conversations are going.
  • Follow Up on Voicemail - Left a message a few days ago. If no word, send an email follow up.
  • Follow Up on Resource - Sent a resource a few days ago. If no word, confirm receipt and see if they'd like to set up a time to discuss.


Things like that. Each would need a bit of customization, but generally I'd say ~80% of my follow up tasks could be templated. It would be great to have a few key ones available in a dropdown that would populate the task fields and allow for editing.


Let me know if I can provide any more insight.

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Agree with this! had the same idea today. 

Creating tasks sometimes take a lot of time. When I use it for cold calling I usually have to create a task and: 

- write the name (always is follow up)

- set due date (always is 2 working days) 

- Set type (always is call)

- Eliminate reminder (hate reminders)

- Put them in one of my queuse (usually calling queue) 


maybe I have to do this 50-60 times a day... so imagine the time I would be saving! 


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I'm on board with this idea (especially for deals). Would love to have a template with 7 or 8 tasks that happen for every deal and then just add it so the group of tasks pops up automatically. 

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I re-agree. I have several tasks associated with each step of the Sales Cycle (ProActive Selling) and would welcome an easier life by being able to create templates for easy creation and duplication. 


In fact, I'm using a 3rd party project mgmt platform (that has task templates) because the time investment in creating new tasks is greater than using 2 platforms. 

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I re-re-agree. Tasks are surely a time-killer especially if you want to "power through" a lot of calls. Please prioritize this feature!!


PS: User 'andresbruzzoni' mentioned his task-type is always set to 'call'. How can I change this? Obviously, it must be configurable, since mine is always set to 'to-do' but I WANT it to be 'call' like in this case.

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We recently switched over to HubSpot and we love it, we do however have the same problem, specifically when sitting in a call que. If I make a call to a new lead and there's no answer, I'd like to be able to use a task template to quickly create a new task with the correct que and title already filled in (for example). 


This feature would probably save our sales reps around 3 hours/week, at least. 

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Would be great to see this as a new feature! 


Our use case is that we create the same tasks for every contact, as they go through the same flow. Having task templates would make this process easier and quicker for our users. 


(Submitted on behalf of a customer)

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This would be HUGE and help me make the switch from another CRM (that does automated/templated tasks)


We primarily sell memberships, so most deals have the same tasks (process billing info, followup/satisfaction survey, renew contract, send birthday card, etc)...manually creating these takes a ton of time and it makes sense for them to be automated or at least templated.

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It would be very helpful if you could create a custom task template to assign to a deal. I have the same tasks that I use for every deals and I have to manually add them each time I create a deal. It would be VERY helpful if there was a tamplate I could create that could just be assigned to the deal.

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Plus one for this please

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Yes! This would be incredibly helpful. We tend to have a set of tasks required to get a proposal out the door (ex: Build Scope of Work, Build Bill of Materials, Pricing Review, Send Customer SOW for Review, etc.) and it would be VERY helpful to have pre-defined templates/sequences you could deploy on a per deal basis.

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I am just getting started with HubSpot and I am guessing my "deals" are not unlike those in many other organizations.  Every deal has a very common set of scheduled tasks that need to be completed within a specified time period. This is a very critical aspect of customer service control and monitoring.  The amount of time for each task is usually either relative to the deal's start date or with the completion of a predecessor task.  This would be a huge timesaver whereby a template of predefined tasks could be selected from a checkbox list, with calendar date selections.  eg.

[ ]  Verify deposit payment

[  ]  Financing Application

[  ]  Financing Approval

[  ]  Specification Drafted

[  }  Specifications Approved

[  }  Production Completion

[  }  Scheduled Delivery Date

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Plus one for this please

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Yep agreed - I am using Hubspot to register clients, each of whom I have to do the same task to get them set up properly on my system, having to type this each time and set the due dates and reminders is time consuming. It would be useful to be able to set up your own template tasks and then apply them as and when it is appropriate to each client.

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Yes please, anything to make task creation & workflows faster. I'd even venture to request creating our own workflow templates as well as template blocks.

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I Agree : this would be GREAT, Task is the core of sales work I'm also always making the same kind of tasks. for methe biggest waste of time is in the name of the task : it always reffer to what I have to do, with whowhen it have to be done.


I think the task name could be automatic, still editable but default should be at least something like : "action" , "Name" , "Date"

Eg:  Email to John Doe on 10/10/2019


Then the must would be to be able to make task template where we can define in few word the action content .

for instance if action is "Call check PO" the task name would be  :


Call to check PO with John Doe on 11/11/2019


This will be a real time saver.


Please vote 🙂

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When is this being implemented?

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I also face the same issuee because it's take a lot of time assigning same set of task foe every users


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Any feedback from HubSpot as this has been running for 2 years and seems like a VERY useful feature?