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Task Queue Notifications

We are a Customer Service team and there are times when a ticket is originated in another department, most often Shipping.  They will create a ticket which triggers a ticket based workflow that includes tasks for my customer service team.  To prevent the task being assigned to the same person or a person who is not available at that time, the workflow automatically assigns the task to our CS Queue for the next available agent.  


The goal is to have all individuals assigned to the queue to receive an immediate notification when the task is created and assigned to the queue.  Currently, we will not be notified until the next morning unless the person creating the task @mentions all members of CS or we just happen to be looking at the queue.  This is added keystrokes that is less effecient and reliable.

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I completely agree with LPowers. In efforts to grow the teams ability to be an expert in their roles, I don't want team members to lose out on any opportunities due to tasks being assigned to specific individuals just for the alert.  If the alert can be sent to everyone in the "Queue" then the level of urgency is there and if someone is working on a different task, the task in the queue will still be executed in a timely manner by another team member. 


Yes, this would be an incredibly helpful feature! As we continue to grow our team we want tasks to flow into task queues and have everyone in that queue be notified and whoever is available can assign it to themselves. 


Any updates on this? This would be really helpful for us.
We create tasks within our pipeline automations that set tasks for a Customer Support team. At the moment the tasks drop into the queue, but the members of that queue receive no notification. So unless they actively check the queue for unassigned tasks, nobody is notified of the new task.


Totally agree. This would be very useful. +1 


Would be valuable.  Please add this feature!  +1