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Task Queue Filters

To be able to more easily view tasks assigned to our team/ team members, I would like to be able to save filters associated with each queue (similar to how it is done with Tickets).


1. I'd like to select multiple individuals (all cs team) or actualy have the option to select those assigned to our CS Team in the system.

2. I'd like different queues have the ability to be saved with different assignees.  For example, any unique task queue should default to unassigned.  When workflows create tasks that are assigned to a Task Queue vs an individual, they are obviously considered as Unassigned when looking at the Task views.   Having to always change this and confirm that the filter is correct has caused us to sometimes miss a task assigned to the queue.

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I second this! We have multiple teams which have their tasks automatically created and assigned to a queue but not an individual and yet, every time they come into the queue or refresh their screens they have to keep removing the assignee filter - frustrating to say the least!