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Would love to see an option when creating tasks to assign an urgency level. 


It would be great if those tasks were color coded for the reps receiving the tasks or just some so of visual like a column dedicated to Urgency Status so that they can sort through those.


We are noticing urgent tasks, even when titled "Urgent" are still being missed by our reps.

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Nov 22, 2019

@Shades thanks for the feedback. 


  • Task priority is supported in company and deal based workflows. Contact workflows are being worked on now. 
  • Could you explain why you want a label for MEDIUM and LOW priority tasks? How do you know when a task is HIGH priority vs. MEDIUM or LOW? And what's the difference between a task that is MEDIUM or LOW priority and NOT a priority?
  • Tasks does support sorting by priority and filtering by priority today. 

Nov 22, 2019

@VagaeNatus could you explain why the solution provided does not solve your problem?

Re: Task Priority - changed to: Delivered
Nov 21, 2019

Hi HubSpot Community,


Scott from the product team here. We recently released the option to set a priority level on a task to all users. When creating tasks, you'll now have the option to label the task as "high" priority. When working in tasks, you can now also sort and filter by task priority.  


Feedback and thoughts welcome!


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@M0 @hubspot 

For sales and marketing, a way to organize tasks based on timezone, is essential. Most other CRMs allow for that functionality. I found a way to create queues with titles of timezone, but the issue is that any sequence won't allow subsequent tasks to fall within that queue. 


If from the "Tasks Due Today" would allow the tasks to pull in the data from the contact or company associated, it would be nice to see a column of the state or timezone, so that at the beginning of the day - one could assign the task to the appropriate "timezone queue", it would allow better organization of tasks throughout the day.


For real, your tasks functionality are the most unorganized that I've seen in my 12-year sales experience, from a CRM standpoint.