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Would love to see an option when creating tasks to assign an urgency level. 


It would be great if those tasks were color coded for the reps receiving the tasks or just some so of visual like a column dedicated to Urgency Status so that they can sort through those.


We are noticing urgent tasks, even when titled "Urgent" are still being missed by our reps.

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@sjudson. With pleasure:

1/ Contact WF issue: The "Priority" property currently can't be set from a Contact WF.

2/ Property Type: I am not convinced a "Y/N" property type for a "Priority" property as we have today makes sense. Fundamentally, there is an infinite possible number of priorities as every task could be prioritized relative to the other and the amount of task is infinite... To me, that means the right design would have been a property that can store many many values (number or letters), not just one.

3/ Priority's inputs/outputs: if you read people above, many have the "Priority" as an output of other inputs (importance, urgency, category, etc.). It sounds like you can't capture all that with a single solution and you should not even aim to. What I would have done is just to release custom properties for tasks. Then let people create properties for categories, importance, urgencies... and if they want to, they could derive the priority from those other properties.


What's above is a holistic approach to deal with the priorities of the task, for anybody. Instead, we got a checkbox field...


I think Hubspot here is trying to think too much and delivers patches instead of a solution. You must go to the simple, essential solution. Think about how AirTable would handle that for example: create a new field called "Priority" (the output, a formula), create new fields for inputs (importance, urgency, the inputs). Done. Takes less than 5 min to the user to create. Works for all use cases described here.



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Hi ! 


As @Shades  mentioned it , it would be nice to have other Custom Task priorities: 

- High, Medium, Low with maybe other colors ? 


Hope it will be available one day ! Smiley Happy 

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How about just more options than NONE or HIGH for priority?

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I also agree with @VagaeNatus and the others here that we should be able to assign custom priorities to task. It's a bit awkard that the only options today are:

- None
- High

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I agree. Having it possible to set a priority yes/no helps but is not as sufficient as required. Especially now we're starting on Customer Success 

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We would like to see a medium priority category to help our sales team prioritise their tasks

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Virtually every To Do app on the market has multiple priority levels for a to do. For example, Todist app has four levels, Priority 1-4, which automatically sorts with highest prioroity(1) at the top of the list and with corresponding color-coded icon. sjudson you ask how to determine priority levels and why one would want it. Simply, top priority on top, lower ones down the list. Visually easy to quickly recognize the high priority to do's that need to get done today, ones that are important but not critical and the remaining nice to get to.


Examples of some to do's I would like to get done today, with the critical ones on top, so if I get thru the tops ones, I can tackle the less priority ones, but if not, I'll simply move to the next day.


1. Buy Purell and hand soap

1. Buy food

1. Buy beer

2. Get gas

2. Call mom

3. Go to library to get movies

4. Mow lawn

4. Clean house

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@dbovs— I just have to say that I really appreciate that "buy beer" is a number 1 priority for you.  Smiley Tongue